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Business Administration


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

The Business Administration programs covers the integrated approach and interrelationship among the functional, areas of business as well as sensitivity to the economic, social, technological, legal and international environments where business must operate. The objective of the program is not simply to impart business knowledge, but instill and nurture important qualities and skills that are essential for future business leadership and organizational success in our students.

It is an interdisciplinary and problem focused program comprised of three integrated elements: basic business, business core and professional courses. The program also addresses contemporary organizational issues such as global competition, continuous quality improvement, good governance and the relationship between organizations and various environmental forces which are key components of global economy.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Major in Marketing Management (MM)

The Marketing Management program prepares the graduate for careers in marketing, market research, advertising and public relations. The curriculum provides the graduate with both technical skills and competencies required in the field, but also the flexible mindset that is necessary to stay competitive in a constantly changing business environment.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Major in Operations Management (OM)

The Operations Management program prepares students to manage the operations of manufacturing, agri-business, as well as service enterprises, focusing on the need to effectively and efficiently produce and deliver products and services on time and within budget. The program curriculum covers all aspects of operations within the organization, including the management of purchases, inventory, production and service quality, logistics, supply chain and distribution.

BSBA Program Learning Objectives:
A graduate of a business administration degree should be able to:

1. Analyze the business environment for strategic direction
2. Prepare operational plans
3. Innovate business ideas based on emerging industry
4. Manage a strategic business unit for economic sustainability
5. Conduct business research

Student Learning Outcomes

By the time of graduation, BSBA students will be able to:
a. apply knowledge of business concepts and principles to solve business issues and problems in a global and strategic perspective;
b. communicate business ideas and information effectively both in oral and written forms;
c. use information and communication technology in generating business reports and making decisions;
d. apply principles of ethics and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities;
e. function effectively as an individual and as a member or a leader of a diverse team in a multi-disciplinary settings;
f. conduct research through independent studies of relevant literature and appropriate use of business theories and methodologies;
g. preserve and promote “Filipino historical and cultural heritage” (based on RA 7722);
h. recognize the need for, and prepare to engage in lifelong learning.

Specific Professions/Careers/Occupations for BSBA graduates

Marketing Management
Management Trainee in Marketing
Marketing Assistant
Account Executive
Merchandising Assistant
PR/Advertising Assistant
Service Crew
Customer Service Agent/ Representative
Junior Sales Trainer
Receptionist Entrepreneur Product/Brand/Assistant
Order/Billing Assistant

Operations Management
Management Trainee in Operations/Production Operations Management Assistant
Technical Staff Warehouse Assistant Inventory Assistant Project Assistant
Logistics Management Personnel Stock Personnel